Footsteps aims to offer students the chance to reach their maximum potential, whatever their ability. In order to achieve this, Footsteps adds value to the course in a number of ways that provide extra support and guidance. All Footsteps students are supported until they access employment, training or further education.

A key factor in achieving the best results for our students is to provide a high level of individual tuition and mentoring. Footsteps maintains a student/staff ratio of 3:1 or better. Student receive individually tailored programmes, often delivered on a one to one basis, and the largest class sizes are 6 students to at least one teacher, one classroom assistant and often one or more further personnel in order to maintain a high level of discipline and concentration.

This exceptional level of supervision and tuition gives Footsteps a great advantage in cases where, on top of education, students may require help with re-engaging with education after a long absence, or re-integration with their communities and society as a whole.

Unfortunately, high staffing levels entail high costs, creating disproportionate overheads when compared to conventional education - hence our requirement for additional funding.

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What we can do with your help
Whilst we protect and maintain staffing levels as a priority, economic reality dictates that, occasionally, there is a knock-on effect on other areas.

We run 2 separate academies offering various facilities. Whilst there are some students particularly suited to individual academies, we should dearly appreciate a mini-bus so that we can offer mixed facilities to a greater number of students during a school day.

We feel that we could create an even stronger community feeling at the school if we were to share some aspects of a uniform so that we look part of a team as well as feel part of a team.

There are many excellent courses available that would ideally suit particular students. We subscribe to many already, and run many of our own, but would appreciate the opportunity to introduce some of our young people to further activities that will engage them fully and help to concentrate their efforts.

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Footsteps is registered with The Charity Commission and HMRC to collect donations and Gift Aid.