DFE URN: 141859
LA: Haringey LA/Estab: 309/6004
Registered Charity No: 1146215
Company No: 7782588


 Footsteps Organisation

Founder, CEO, Principal   Chris Hall
Designated Lead Safeguarding Officer
Head of Teaching and Learning   Zainab Chowdhury
Chief Operations Officer   Lydia Hall
Sports Academy Leader   Peter Haymer
Vocational Academy Leader   Janine Davis
Operations Manager   Chandne Syed
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer


Chris Hall    
Steve Hall    
Giles Hall   Chair - Head of Safeguarding
Anna Amartey    
Michael Doe    
Hyacinth Slowley   Applicant
Nana Wulff   Applicant


Mathematicss Arsene Makundu
English Carmen Pacurar
English Zainab Chowdury
Mathematics Siti Ali Ahmed
PE Hugo Vincente
Science Susanna Loni
Childcare Nana Wulffe
Art Maureen
QTLS Aishat

Learning Mentors

Craig Doyley  
TJ Adamu  
Jeamie Tshikeva  
Janine Davis  
Shavanya Scotton  

Chris Hall, Trustee
Founder, CEO, Principal

Chris has been intensely involved in the sport of boxing, in London, for 40 years, 8 years as a boxer and 32 years as a coach. He competed from 12 to 19 years of age, participating in over 100 contests, won 3 national titles, and represented England. As a coach, Chris has trained London and England squads and cornered London and England teams and has trained boxers to national, international, Olympic and World level. Chris established the LBA Community Project before establishing Footsteps in 2010. Footsteps became a registered charity in 2012 and is currently offering alternative education to some 70 students.

Steve Hall, Trustee
I.T Support

Steve has a wide background in banking, music and I.T services and has established successful businesses in both the music and I.T fields. Steve worked with Chris to establish Footsteps in 2010 and has since performed diverse functions within Footsteps in I.T related fields and as a trustee.

Giles Hall, Chair of Trustees
Head of Safeguarding

Giles is Chair of the Trustees Committee, is a qualified solicitor and was raised and educated within the state system in North London. Giles' age, qualifications and experience brings a unique and valuable insight into the requirements for student-centred education in a multi-cultural environment.

Anna Amartey, Trustee

Anna had been deputy head of a large London school for 30 years, runs a private tuition school for 5-18year olds and has been a school governor for 8 years. Anna's wide experience in education and the management and methods used in larger schools will add value to the existing committee, helping to consolidate and improve both the effectiveness of the committee and the standards and achievements of the trust in general. Anna will help us to focus on monitoring progress and improving outcomes for students at all levels..

Michael Doe, Trustee

Michael was born and educated in North London and his children have all been educated in local schools. Michael is a businessman who dedicates much of is time to Footsteps and brings a valuable local insight and good business sense to the committee.

Hyacinth Slowley - Applicant Trustee

A former employee of Footsteps, Hyacinth brings a very fresh and insightful view of staff and student concerns at both academic and community levels. Hyacinth has worked in social services and education for a number of years and both her children were educated in the North London area.

Nana Wulff - Applicant Trustee

Nana is Lead Safeguarding Officer and Director of Health and Vocational Studies at the Ebenezer Community Learning Centre. She is a qualified Further Education Teacher and Assessor.